We aspire to meet Clients’ evolving expectations by putting them at the centre of everything we do and expect all our employees to observe the highest levels of professionalism at all times.
The employees who hold a valid broker dealer and/or underwriting license(s) are set out in the table below.


*License is not mandatory given the job function(s)

Last Updated 02 February 2024

No Employee Name Position WPPE / WPEE LICENSE NUMBER
1 Antony President Director KEP-32/PM.212/PJ-WPEE/2021
2 Low Chung Kiat Director KEP-1360/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
3 Robby Winindo Director KEP-164/PM.212/PJ-WPEE/2022
4 Reny Wijayanti Branch Manager KEP-664/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2021
5 Jemmy Norman Tangkilisan Sales KEP-284/PM.021/PJ-WPPEP/TTE/2023
6 Ali Santosa Senior Dealer KEP-431/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
7 Grace Pardede Senior Dealer KEP-899/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
8 Yenny Immanuela Batubara Fixed Income KEP-94/PM.212/WPPE/2018
9 Islam Santosa Senior Sales KEP-254/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
10 Anita Sales KEP-61/PM.21/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2024
11 Elis Tresna Purnami Accounting Supervisor KEP-979/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022*
12 Vivi Mulia Jahja Head of Finance & Operations KEP-266/PM.212/WPPE/2015*
13 Anong Wicaksono Head of IT KEP-115/PM.212/WPPE/2014*
14 Ivonne Custodian Supervisor KEP-317/PM.212/WPPE/2015*
15 Fony Finance Supervisor KEP-267/PM.212/WPPE/2015*
16 Ellen Liliana Sales KEP-711/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2021
17 Tri Abi Kurniawan Dealer KEP-425/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
18 Hadi Sugondo Business Development Manager KEP-189/PM.212/PJ-WPPEP/TTE/2021
19 Eko Ferdyanto Dealer KEP-16/PM.212/PJ-WPPEP/TTE/2021
20 Anthony Dealer KEP-8/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2022
21 Ketut Harianto Dealer KEP-729/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2021
22 Irfan Ghozali Dealer KEP-877/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
23 Wilma Dealer KEP-753/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
24 The Donny Indra Prasetya Sales KEP-825/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
25 Mokhammad Oryzanto Sales KEP-473/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
26 Ernie Setiawati Sales KEP-694/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
27 Gita Aji Adiwoso Sales KEP-371/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2020
28 Arie Budi Wibowo Sales KEP-1456/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2020
29 Rovandi Analyst Research KEP-745/PM.212/WPPE/2021
30 Andry Lianto Sales KEP-16/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
31 Fredy Sumarto Sales KEP-368/PM.021/PJ-WPPEP/TTE/2023
32 Luci Setyawati Sales KEP-1275/PM.02/PJ-WPPEP/TTE/2023
33 Dewi Mayasari Sales KEP-290/PM.02/PJ-WPPE/TTE/2023
34 F. Jalu Tyas Edi Custodian Officer KEP-336/PM.212/WPPE/2015*
35 Jabintang Borneo Senja Head of Compliance KEP-623/PM.212/WPPE/2021
36 Yusiana Branch Administration KEP-486/PM.212/WPPEP/TTE/2021
37 Ade Prasetya Dealer KEP-1/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
38 Glory Head Risk Management KEP-586/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2021
39 Nurain Sales KEP-247/PM.212/WPPE/2022
40 Denny Ignatius Pohanda Sales KEP-5888/PM.212/WPPEP/2020
41 Alin Indawati Dealer KEP-483/PM.212/WPPEP/TTE/2022
42 Ethny Tjan Sales KEP-701/PM.212/WPPE/2021
43 Sudiyanto Sales KEP-1014/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2022
44 Muhammad Akbar Investment Banking KEP-163/PM.212/WPEE/2022
45 Maria Fransiska Investment Banking KEP-556/PM.212/PJ-WPPE/2021
46 Agung Kresna Bayu Sales KEP-383/PM.212/WPPEP/TTE/2022
47 Yenny Immanuela Batubara Head of Fixed Income KEP-137/PM.02/WPPE/TTE/2023
48 Hery Kharisma Fitri Risk Management Officer KEP-885/PM.212/WPPE/2021